Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Tale of Tea

I've always loved tea but lately I seem to be on a tea craze. Now when I go out for coffee, I end up ordering the most interesting looking tea on the menue. Along with the joy of drinking tea, you get the satisfaction of it coming in a personal, mini, teapot which, holds about three cups of tea. What could be better than that? Rhys and I are always on the prow for the perfect cafe so today we stopped at a cute p√Ętisserie called Simply Paris.
When I asked about their tea, the waitress lead me to a shelf full of colored tea tins. I was instantly intrigued by a tea called, "The Prince of Kandy." This, of course, conjured up images of the ultimate childhood dream:
There were other tempting fruits and green teas and even one with hibiscus flower. Still, not knowing when we would be able to visit again, I just had to try The Prince of Kandy...
Do you like this teapot as much as I did?

Deliberation Time.
The verdict is in; not a drop left to spare.  
They also sold beautiful bread. I will definitely be visiting again. 




  1. Ordering a pot of tea is so worth it! Cheaper then coffee and like you said three cups worth :) I love the blue and white teapot. It looks like one my aunty has in Australia.

  2. O yeah, I'm feeling the teapot love.

  3. how simply wonderful...a great "tea" post, and yes, I love that tea pot too. Looks like you and your love found a great little spot for tea my dear!!

  4. Beautiful! Your mom sent me this direction, knowing I would adore seeing the teapot. How I wish I were near that tea shop! Such a lovely place you have here at Paper Canary.

  5. I want to go there!!! LOVE that teapot.

  6. I wish tea in America came in a teapot like that! And that bread looks delicous.

    Do you have a favorite tea? My current is chai.... But vanilla rooibos is fun for a change, too.

  7. Emily, that's a tough one. I'm always up for an Earl Grey. I also love one called Russian Caravan which, is a smokey tasting tea. Chai is so nice too. Oh, it's so hard to choose a favorite. Do you ever drink the gypsy teas?

    Leslie, you should come! :)

    Thanks Rayanne!

  8. oh yes- that looks much better than the Starbucks tea i drink. The Prince of Kandy, that would be hard to resist...

    and i really like your necklace in that photo. :)

  9. What are gypsy teas? That sounds intriguing!