Monday, February 7, 2011

When the dog bites, when the bee stings Monday

These are a few of my favorites at the moment...

 Ok, I know I am a bit late on these first two to do a proper post but allow me to back peddle a few weeks to the Golden Globe Awards. One of my favorite dresses was Olivia Wilde's sparkly-warkly gown. Not to mention those shoes! Please note the red souls. I do dream of owning my very own pair one day.  (photo source) 
I also loved Leighton Meesters vintage looking, sleeved, gown with a very demure neckline. You can't see from this picture, but the real star of the dress is its low back. There were a number of this style at the Golden Globes but I think her's really was the cat's meow, don't you? (photo source) 
This ring. I've been admiring it from afar for a few months now as I slowly save my pennies....well, I should say coins as we don't have pennies in New Zealand. (photo source) 

Last, but most of all, finding a spot to watch the Super Bowl with my man ♥ (we're still smiling because our team hadn't lost yet...jokes)


  1. Completely with you on Olivia Wilde's dress. Utterly amazed at her (or anyone's) ability to walk in those heels! ; )

  2. You and your love of hatchets! <3

  3. I loved Olivia Wilde's dress too - definitely my favorite. It was like wearing the night sky.

    And that ring is pretty cool, too :)