Sunday, February 13, 2011


I love Valentines Day. Some people complain about it being a commercial holiday but I disagree. Most holidays involve certain traditions which, usually requires a trip to the store to buy candy, food, sparklers, decorations, etc. Still, there is more meaning behind holidays themselves than the items needed to get into the spirit of them. Even if Valentines Day is a bit commercial, spending a little on flowers, candy, and pretty cards hardly seems sinister to me. Has anyone ever been angry to receive any of the above? Also, for most of the world, February is the starkest, coldest, grayest month of the year. And for those of us who know our color theory, nothing makes gray pop quite like pink and red. 

 This arrow pin was a great vintage find at an antique shop in Pennsylvania. My mom suggested wearing it with a red cardi for Valentines. Brilliant!

My valentine loved his card and candy. 
I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day too.



  1. Wow! Your mom sure has good taste hehehe
    Happy valentines, newlyweds!

  2. LOVE photo number 4!!! Gorgeous, girl!

    And thanks for your wonderfully wonderful comment on my poem. You couldn't have said anything nicer to me than comparing it to The Secret Garden. I loved that book too... especially the Tasha Tudor illustrations : )

  3. Happy Valentine's Day. The photos are fantastic!

  4. So gorgeous as usual! Happy Valentine's Day, Joy. *Hugs* ^.^ Just wanted to let you know that I finally updated my blog with a V-Day post, so feel free to check that out. Love you! <3


  5. wonderful post.
    great attitude!
    very pretty lady!
    Have a lovely "Love day" with your Mister!
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. I love the red on gray! Also, I am eating heart candies right now and am not at all angry at the friend who gave them to me :)

  7. I've always loved Valentine's Day because it's so cheerful and simple compared to so many others. Adore your colors and arrow pin--you sure illustrate the way red can pop!

  8. Hi Joy, I love your blog so much! I love the pictures of you and Rhys. It was so great to see you during the Christmas season at our house. I loved going antique shopping with you and the rest of your family! Valentines day is one of my favorite days. We got chocolate truffles. Yum! Love, Mary Drennen

  9. i love that you wrote this. i read a lot of cynical facebook status' about the commercial aspect of valentine's day. however, i agree with you.... and red and pink DOES make gray pop, brilliant! :)

  10. love all those photos joy! did rhys take them?? and your yellow coat!! keep it up down there :)