Friday, April 8, 2011

Back From the Land of Blog Lull

Hello again blog friends. I hope you haven't forgotten about me.  It seems my few and far between blog posts have gotten away from and I am again annoyed at my lack of posting. Lately, life has been very busy for Rhys and I though, not in the traditional sense. Having moved a few months ago and not found a new job certainly makes me much less busy than when I worked full time. Of course staying at home can be a fulltime job but since I am also between houses, I cannot rightfully claim the wonderful title of housewife/domestic goddess either. Still, in the last few weeks, the wheels and gears of my brain feel like they've been working overtime with decision making, planning, and other mind wearying activities. The days would come and go and I would "wait till tomorrow" to blog. Fortunately, Rhys, my Mom, and a few others have been on my case about it, which is good.

The truth is also that with all the changes in life with moving and not being settled yet, I often get really embarrassed because I can't think of anything to say. Now, I am proud to say I do have something to share with you (besides my constant food musings, which will make even more sense in a moment.) When I started my blog, I said my main goal was to talk about all things pretty. Well, without further hesitation, I'd like to introduce you to one of the prettiest thing's I will ever feature on Paper Canary:
Taaa Daaa!
I know I just sound like the proud mama but I think everyone has to admit that those little feet are too cute.

Joy (and Baby Lake :)


  1. congratulations joy!
    babies are pretty indeed... oh let the fun of name picking begin :)

  2. Dad and I can't wait to kiss those baby feet! Love you. Glad you are back in bloggety land so i can keep an eye on you ;)

  3. Congratulations sweetheart! Truly "pretty"!!
    The photos gave me happy tingles. How wonderful!

  4. HUGE congratulations!!! You've been much missed. Emily and I were just saying the other day that we were craving another Paper Canary post. You have such an eye for beauty and a lovely way of expressing yourself.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so excited for you! :)

    And so very glad to see you back. Blog-land hasn't been the same without you.

  6. YAY! I LOVE THE FEET! I know Nick and I can't wait to meet this little wonder. so beautiful already!
    I jumped for joy (haha no pun intended) when I saw a new post!

  7. Mama and Papa Lake,
    Our hearts are ringing way louder than engagement bells!!!What truly amazing news.
    The kitchen was filled with girls all in a ruckus over the news.
    To hold a teeny tiny one within is a privilege and mystery unequaled. And you hold this little bird together in your hearts as we do with you.

    We are rooting for you in the heavens, Joy, you beautiful mother, you. We are celebrating this most holy event, this beloved anticipation.

    You are held so dearly as you hold.
    We love you ALL!
    The Drennens

  8. Joy, I-I just--gah! I can't even begin to say how happy I am for you and Rhys! Totally praying for you every day. Love you! *Hugs*


  9. Such incredible, delightful, joyous news! I just saw a sonogram pic on your mom's blog, and I wondered. . . Can you tell I fell behind on blog reading the past few days? Congratulations. Takes me back in the best of ways. Blessings to You All.

  10. I will very happily admit that those feet are darling! Congratulations!