Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm just a little black rain cloud...

When I was very young, I regrettably sang the "Little Black Rain Cloud" song to my parents, complete with a balloon. Ugh, what a mistake that was! Had I known that they would repeatedly ask me to sing it for guests; I never would have done it. This post is not about dark childhood memories though, but actually just Winnie the Pooh. However, I knew as soon as I brought up anything Pooh Bear related, *ahem* someone was bound to blow my secret.

Moving right along...
I'm sorry Disney, but you just don't hold a candle to A.A. Milne's wonderful creation. Also, why did you change E. H. Shepard’s sweet illustrations? That was unnecessary. Frankly, I think you should give up. Fortunately, years after the fact, many people still keep the spirit of the classic Pooh alive.

I was a stuffed animal girl living the Christopher Robin life and so, I love love loved animal stories, especially one's in which authors, like A.A. Milne who created a whole world for their characters to live and move in. I adore animal stories with maps in the front. What could be more appealing to a child (and children’s-books-loving-grownups) than a pack of animal friends that roam around the 100 Acre Woods having adventures?

A few months ago, I stumbled over this fun webpage. The author has categorized the classic Christopher Robin and friends according to the Myers-Briggs Temperaments Indicator. If you know your Myers-Briggs temperament, you can match yourself up to one of the characters.

As an ENTJ/P, I am most like Rabbit. Fortunately, the real Rabbit is nowhere near as high-strung and cantankerous as he is portrayed in the Disney version. I don't think I am quite as bossy or domineering as A.A. Milne's Rabbit. Still, I think it is a good fit since I do appreciate planning, organization, gathering friends together, and gardening.  I also share his love for the domestic. Rhys is an ENFP. Sadly, this temperament isn't a very clear match on the test. However, in the past he has often been compared to Tigger. Due to my "captianish air" as rabbit, I deem this to be a good assessment. This is very amusing if you think of the Rabbit and Tigger together in the classic Pooh.

What about you, who is your 100 Acre Wood's doppelganger?

xo, Joy


  1. Books with maps in the front are ALWAYS the best! (I still love the maps in the front of the Narnia series and the Hobbit.) And I love, love, love these illustrations - I forgot how adorable they are, especially the one of Tigger. (Oh, and I was a stuffed animal girl, too. I still have most of them, because I couldn't bear to give them up after all those years...)

    That personality test is so fun. I don't know my Myers-Briggs number, but I skimmed the descriptions and I think I might be Winnie the Pooh. And I do like honey...

  2. I don't see my particular Myers-Briggs category represented (ISTJ, nature's enforcers of logistics and shame, our motto "Look but don't touch, judge but don't speak.") As I have been told before, I probably fall closest in spectrum to Eeyore.

    I'm with you about liking Milne/Shepard better than the Disney franchise. However, before the TV series and the later movies, Disney stayed pretty faithful to the original storylines, if not characterization and nuance.

    I remember your original 'Little Black Rain Cloud' performance fondly.

  3. Repeatedly for company?? A bit of hyperbole, don't you think? Once or twice maybe, with a money bribe, I might remind you. I admit that just for us, we'd ask you to do it lots, because that warbley little voice of yours was so darn cute. "....the honey tree, the honey tree..."

    Love, Mommy Dearest

  4. i wish your mother had videotaped you singing that song...

    ...and i don't know what character i am, but i had a stuffed piglet when i was a little girl and loved him dearly. (i do hope i'm not an eeyore...)

  5. oh i just knew i was going to get eeyore, but i am an infp- which matches with christopher robin. sigh of relief! and my mommy occasionally used to read me winnie the pooh when i was a little girl, and it is one of my most favorite memories. and i had a winnie coloring book that my daddy used to color in with me. winnie just brings back such good childhood memories for me! thank you! yes, the original is so much awesomer.
    "tut tut, looks like rain" - intro to your song...or, "would you like condensed milk!...or honey on your bread?" - rabbit to pooh. i say both of these things more than a 36 yr old woman should.

  6. I love the orginal drawings. I had a set of Poooh books when I was little and loved to read them over and over again.

  7. i forgot to say that i love the original books and drawings too, and am not a fan of the disney version.

    p.s. those roses were from emily's 21st birthday celebration : ) i don't have the patience to grow them here in florida... too many bugs and molds and other creepy things and you have to spray them with gallons of nasty stuff...

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  9. I just got busted singing that song at work this morning...didn't bother me a bit!

  10. This is a great illustration of the 100 acre wood --- where did you get it from? I'd love to blow it up for a wall hanging!