Sunday, May 29, 2011

Over the Moon

A few months ago, Rhys found this cool and creative idea for finding out your baby's gender on a blog we follow called, "love the Schultzes"  Have a browse; they are a very cool couple that do wedding photography together.

As lovers of all things creative, we knew we wanted to do this for Baby Lake. It was a looooooong wait but finally, last Thursday, we had our much anticipated 20 week scan. At the scan we asked the radiographer to write Baby Lake's gender down and seal it in an envelope so that it would be just as much of a mystery to Rhys and I as anyone else. We even asked them to tell us when to look away from the scan so as not to spoil the surprise. Then, we dashed off to a baker with whom we had arranged to "hide" the secret within the cake. On Saturday night, we had our friends around for Baby Lake's first ever party.

After moving back to Auckland, the party was such a wonderful way to gather our friends together and share our joy with them. We had the best time and both feel positively over the moon.

A million thanks to our friend The Amazing Jade Lee for making the video. We know that in the not-so-distant future, he will be a famous filmmaker and we will make many people jealous that we are friends with him. So keep your eyes open for Jade.


Joy & Baby Lake

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Water Babies

This is a very exciting week coming up for me, and not just because Downton Abbey is on tomorrow, though we, (Baby Lake and I) are both leaping with excitement. The main reason is that I have my 20 week scan on Thursday. Not only do I get to see another session of crazy shenanigans, but Rhys and I find out whether Baby Lake is a boy or girl! While we both tend to lean towards the traditional, neither of us can wait another five months to find out. 

Whenever I think of Baby Lake, immediately I think of Jessie Wilcox Smith's illustrations of The Water Babies. And let me tell you, Baby Lake loves to swim. Late at night, I often feel him/her doing the backstroke; the wall of my stomach seems to be the perfect place to push off. (photo source)

The resemblance between the legs and tummy is also undeniable. I still haven't gotten over how adorable that little body is! Can't wait to find out more about you Baby Lake.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tuesday nights are a very exciting night for me now that Downton Abbey has finally made its way to little New Zealand. In my quiet life of no longer working full time and waiting for the not-so-quiet Baby Lake to come, I now cross my fingers every Tuesday and hope that nothing comes up to take me away from some quality time with the TV.

While I was visiting my family over Christmas, I was able to catch the first two episodes. Since I couldn't watch it online, and  with much of New Zealand television dominated by Australian and American programs, I was beginning to lose hope of seeing anymore for quite awhile. However, since Downton Abbey was such a success in the UK, it seems that makes it a worthwhile investment for little Aotearoa. *Cue Händel's Hallelujah.* What's more, the ad campaign for it is HUGE! The series trailer, which airs frequently, has a children's choir version of The Police's "Every Breath You Take." Creepy but fitting. TV Guide also did a huge piece on Downton Abby's debut. All the publicity makes sense considering Downton Abby is Britain's most expensive drama ever produced, as well as its most successful period drama since Brideshead Revisited. 
Now the show is finally here and I am loving it. Afterwards, Rhys has to hear me wax on about how stellar Downton Abbey is and how I love the focus on the servants, particularly the hierarchy that exists among them and the relationship between them and the family. Good thing he is such a willing listener. He even (sort of) watches it with me. I'm afraid to say he wasn't as receptive of my confession, yesterday, that one of my favorite characters is Thomas the footman. I know, I know; he's not at all noble but he's a very dynamic character. He reminds me of my cat, Panger Ban; with his perpetually smug expression and the way he always seems to be eavesdropping or at least, up to no good. Besides, isn't the sign of a good story is one in which you have an irresistible attraction to scallywags?
I am especially looking forward to next week's episode since it will be one I haven't seen yet. Unfortunately, by the time all of you across the pond are watching the second installment, I will only be finishing the first *sigh.*