Sunday, May 22, 2011

Water Babies

This is a very exciting week coming up for me, and not just because Downton Abbey is on tomorrow, though we, (Baby Lake and I) are both leaping with excitement. The main reason is that I have my 20 week scan on Thursday. Not only do I get to see another session of crazy shenanigans, but Rhys and I find out whether Baby Lake is a boy or girl! While we both tend to lean towards the traditional, neither of us can wait another five months to find out. 

Whenever I think of Baby Lake, immediately I think of Jessie Wilcox Smith's illustrations of The Water Babies. And let me tell you, Baby Lake loves to swim. Late at night, I often feel him/her doing the backstroke; the wall of my stomach seems to be the perfect place to push off. (photo source)

The resemblance between the legs and tummy is also undeniable. I still haven't gotten over how adorable that little body is! Can't wait to find out more about you Baby Lake.



  1. What a wonderfully fun time--perfect photos above:) Happy finding out!

  2. I'm excited for you! (Any names picked out yet?)

  3. You should make some prints of the Water Babies for baby Lake's room. Love you and wish I was there patting your belly :)

  4. Good idea about the prints :)
    We do have lots of name ideas not completely picked yet. That one of the really fun parts though.

  5. i predict baby lake is a girl... my emily was really an active swimmer. in any case, she really does look like a "water baby", doesn't she?

  6. That's so funny you should say that Leslie; I've always felt that baby is a girl. Rhys thought girl for awhile as well but now he's thinking boy. It's interesting because most of my friends are predicting a boy. So much for believing in "mother's intuition" haha but I guess we'll all find out soon.