Monday, September 12, 2011

The Slack Canary

In my last post, which was much too long ago, I started by saying how my mom asked me if the canary had flown the coop. This time, she's been asking whether the cat swallowed the canary. How cheeky! Still, a valid question given my long absence from Blog Land. I have however missed you my blog friends. 

At long last, I have finished up working and now have some spare time on my hands that I hope to put into the blog rather than squandering. In the very near future, I hope to share a bit of my musing and whereabouts. Warning! I am feeling extremely nesty (yes, I know that's not actually a word but hopefully you know what I mean) at the moment. I hope you don't mind. 


Joy & The-Ever-Growing Baby Lake 


  1. you don't know how many times emily and i have wished for you to come back to blogging - even though we know you've been pretty busy, what with job, and husband, and baby lake taking up increasing amounts of space, (if not yet time ;) but hurrah for the return of the canary, "nesty" or not! i think "nesty" is a very good word, by the way...

  2. Can't wait to see more, Miss Clucky. <3

  3. yayyy! i'm so excited that you're back :)

    i have to sign into google to post this comment, but my new blog is actually at...