Sunday, October 30, 2011


Between a week spent in hospital and a week of adjusting to life back at home, I know this post is overdue and many of you have already seen some photos. Still, as the very proud Mama I of course had to have my own post to show off my beautiful girl. Say hello to the coolest new kid on the block: Tilly Ayla Angharad Lake.

It was a long labour--39 hours--ending in a c-section and I felt a bit like Frankenstein's Monster with all the labour related procedures and various lines and things I was hooked up to but it really is true that you forget it very quickly when you see your baby for the first time. This photo was of my first proper cuddle with Tilly the day after she was born. She spent the night in NICU and I spent the night missing her and trying to convince the nurses to help me into a wheelchair so I could go see her. By the way, the photos are by my very talented husband. Aren't they great?

 Tilly with Dad (I took this one but Rhys made it pretty.) 

 So in case you were interested about Tilly's name,--in case you weren't I'll be proudly waxing on anyway--I thought I'd tell you a little more about it. Myself, I find name meanings so interesting. The name Tilly means strong/mighty in battle. Ayla means oak tree/strong as an oak tree. More importantly, Rhys and I  chose the name Ayla after a good friend of ours who passed away last year. Finally, Angharad (pronounced an-HAR-ad) is a Welsh name that means much loved. Not only do Rhys and I both have some Welsh in our background, the name seems very fitting as our little girl is much loved on both sides of the pond :)

What a crazy two weeks! There were definitely some scary moments during the labour and I feel very grateful for modern medicine and procedures. I also am so grateful for all the support, visits, love, kind words/actions, and prayers from family and friends all over the world. When Tilly came out she needed oxygen, as the doctors and my midwife were explaining this to me, I could feel that my face was worried but my heart just felt at peace and I know it was because of all the people thinking and praying for us.

Rhys and I have loved going from a couple to a little family. Tilly is wonderful and always has us laughing. After all, it's a good thing babies are so cute or you might not keep them around when they steal so much quality sleep time ;) Well there you have it. I hope you've enjoyed getting to know a bit more about my girl. I've certainly enjoyed sharing it with you blog friends. Stay posted; more stories and pictures to come I am sure. 


  1. Dad and I can't wait to hold "wee Til" xoxo

  2. Beautiful! Loved reading about Tilly's arrival journey (wow) and her name. ~Blessings, good rest, and many moments memorizing your darling girl~

  3. She is a DARLING. And I loved hearing more about her name. So glad you all are well... blessings and love to you and your little family!

  4. I love that you and Rhys put so much thought into the meaning behind her name, I'm sure she'll appreciate the beautiful meanings when she gets a little older. She's a beautiful little girl, we're loving getting to know her x

  5. Congratulations Joy!! You and she look so beautiful, especially in that photo of the two of you cuddling together. I love the name you picked - it's so cool that each part of her name has meaning. I think she'll like that too when she gets older. She's come into a very special home.