Friday, December 30, 2011

Identifying with The Grinch

Hello hello! I hope you've had a stellar Christmas and have begun recovering from turkey/ham/roast beast coma in time to look forward to the new year. I had a wonderful Christmas and am still finding myself reflecting on the season. 

I love Christmas. Always have, always will. So how did I find myself commiserating with The Grinch do you ask? Well, one of my Christmas traditions is to squeeze as many Christmas movies as possible into the month of December. This year, the list included A Muppets Christmas Carol, Nativity!, The Nativity Story (a favorite of mine), Home Alone I and II, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. On Christmas Eve, with little time left, I caught the latter half of The Grinch who Stole Christmas while dropping by to visit my friends Nick and Bekah. I remember owning a the book when I was very young--probably no more than two like Cindy-Lou Who--that my Dad would read to me. 

Yes...but how do you relate to The Grinch? Ok, ok sheesh, I'll get to the point. There is a line in the story that I've heard many a time but this year it it hit me; struck me through and through as only a poignant statement can do! Ok sorry, I just couldn't resist getting into the Dr. Seuss spirit...

"And what happened then...? Who-ville they say that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day!

And this year, I knew exactly how the Grinch felt...

It was a very merry Christmas for Rhys and I; our Christmas present came early this year.




  1. Indeed! Babies make Christmas so much more magical!

    By the way, Christmas isn't over. This is only Day 5! We still have 7 more to go til Epiphany.

    That means you have 12 more days of Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Prancer and the classic stop-motion Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer movie.

    But, I digress:

    Knocking Christmas down to 1 day was a stupid mistake of modernity, and anyone who doesn't rebel and celebrate 12 days of Christmas in the old fashion is selling themself short (short about 11 days).

    The birth of an eternal Saviour should warrant more celebration than the one day it is given in our times. After all, how many days does a new parent celebrate the birth of their own child? Simply the day of its birth before all is back to normal? Perhaps, but not in my house. And since, without Christmas and Easter, that new baby would wither and die, should we make our celebration of hope and joyful eternity during only a single day? Not in my house.

    What is perhaps a more serious crime is when people grump about on Christmas due to the stress of sensory overload, expectation, lists of tasks to be done, lack of funds to buy items on a Christmas list. That is not celebration to be happy when the event is over.

    Just as with the birth of any baby, Christ or mortal, shouldn't we spend the better part of the year in preparation? Not preparation for the decoration of a Christmas tree, but preparing ourselves to be able to fully realize the holiness of such days as Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Passover, Good Friday,Easter and such.

    And after a long preparation, does the event just vanish when the trash is taken out and all the presents are unwrapped? Not in my house. The celebration is just getting started!

    This year, my family is celebrating 12 days of Swedish Christmas with Swedish treats, meals and decorations for each of the 12 days. The Swedish have a saying about Christmas and enjoying advent, "the getting there should be as joyful as the real thing."

    The modern secularization Christmas is a symptom of the greater secularization of Western culture - the culture that was responsible for the spread of Christianity throughout the world - the culture that embraced Christianity in the dark ages and that has begun to abandon it at increasing speed since the Age of Enlightenment.

    If we are to be beacons of light in this world, perhaps we should take our sacred holidays more seriously, as they are being secularized by the masses and clung to by those who are persecuted in their countries. Our holy days are precious, and not to be taken lightly, shortened, mocked, or stressed over. The holy days are to be joyous times of fellowship and brotherhood among Christians, and they should be made known to the public as a teaching tool, so that the world can see our joy and want it!

    I knew of a girl who was transformed from her wild ways when she went to church and was told that she could not partake of communion because she was not baptized. This made her want it! It made the ceremony holy, respectable and special. She made a thorough conversion. But the conversion may not have come if the experience of communion was not made holy.

    The end days have been upon us since Jesus walked the Earth in flesh and told us so the first time. In the end there will be widespread persecution of Christians. Don't pretend that Christians haven't helped that come to pass in our times by celebrating and preparing for the festivities of Christmas as the heathens celebrate and prepare for the festivities of their christmas.

  2. Oh, this made me cry, in a good way. I well-remember how my heart grew the first time I saw my baby daughter. Such a miracle.

    Bright blessings to you and your little family in the new year.

  3. awww I love everything about this post. It's no wonder your heart grew three sizes - she was a very, very good early Christmas present :) Did little Tilly like her Christmas?

    And I totally agree with squeezing in every movie possible within the Christmas season. (I've decided that even movies that feature Christmas trees count as holiday movies, so that extends my list into things like The Bourne Identity. haha.)

  4. I cried too! so good. Emily, I've always love the cool Euro christmas house on Bourne Identity.

  5. I just KNEW you would! I just knew it :) Kindred spirits. That Christmas tree in the farmhouse and the big coffee cups (like the one you sent mom), and the nice snow... it's a very Christmasy scene. Oh, and mom is shouting over my shoulder to tell you that she has always loved the "cool Euro christmas house" too ;)

  6. A most special, heart expanding Christmas, I'm sure. Megan, my first, came four days after Christmas. Well, I guess technically it was during Christmas. . . but you know what I mean:) Anyway, Christmas blessings to your family.

  7. Thanks everyone and Christmas blessings to you all as well.

    @Niamh, I agree. Christmas should be more than one day given than one day. I am impressed and delighted by all the things you've done for your Swedish themed Christmas. It sounds very cozy and beautiful. I might make a King cake if I can to celebrate Little Christmas.

    @Leslie, Emily, and Acorn: I love the cozy and warm Euro Christmas house as well.

  8. That is such a sweet way to identify with the Grinch. I really enjoyed your reflections (besides, I'm partial to Christmas babies :)