Monday, May 28, 2012

Books, Overcoats, and More Books

This past weekend, Rhys and I checked out the entire library...or at least it feels like we did. It's pretty rare for us to leave with more than one or two books at a time --and those are usually ordered in --as our local library is severely lacking in the eye-catching book department. This time however, we hit the jackpot; what started as a trip to renew a couple of books turned into a grand adventure. I actually lost Rhys and in my search, I picked up several books along the way. When I finally found him, he had a hefty  stack himself. 

Our book finds weren't the only rare and random event in the library. Within seconds of walking in the door, this old lady wondered over to me and said, "I couldn't help but notice that your beautiful overcoat with it's beautiful color still has the manufacturer's seam in the pleat." I explained that I had suspected as much but wasn't sure so I hadn't wanted to rip it out. We parted ways but a moment later, she came back, "As a matter of fact, my grandson gave me just the thing for my birthday," she said, rummaging around in her purse until she produced a mini sewing kit with a mini seam ripper. As she removed the seam, she told me that "just the other week she had helped a young man who was disappointed that his suit had no pockets" when, in fact, they had just been sew shut for the shop. The whole thing was very adorable and I half expected her to disappear into thin air once she said goodbye. So wherever you are cool old lady, I think you must be the patron saint of haberdashery.

In any case, my "overcoat" now "pleats out beautifully; as it was meant to" and we left the library feeling very happy...well happy on the inside; we more skulked out hoping no one would notice our embarrassingly steep stack of books. Thank Heaven for self checkout. 

xo, Joy


  1. You're so sweet to admit that you left the manufacturer's seams in and let her help you.

    Before I read it, I was thinking that she would vanish into thin air like an angel-seamstress, though I like "patron saint of haberdashery better!

    And then, before I read about her sewing kit, I thought she was going to say "oh wait, my grandson gave me just the thing" and then she'd pull out a huge pocket knife.

    Darling story as it is!

  2. What a darling story. And one can never check out too many books from the library, in my opinion :)

  3. I love your way with words.<3. you should post the vid. I READIN' A BOOK! haha.

  4. Beverly Lewis; feeling a little homesick, are we? xx

  5. I agree Leslie! Haha, Rhys and I were just afraid they'd stop us from checking them all out.

    @Acorn, I love that video. Yes; homesick. I've been whittling away at all her books since a few weeks before Tilly was born.

  6. Any books you particularly liked from the stack? Now, it's only really embarrassing when you've checked out a whole stack of books that high and they all happen to be picture books. "For your little sister?" "Noo... all for me..." Haha.

    I love the story about the cool old lady. She sounds hilarious.

  7. One of my favorites was a home decor book called "Modern Vintage Style." not only were the homes awesome but the words weren't bad either...I always find that home decor books are chancy. Haha! Yes, another great reason for self checkout in the library. Picture books are wonderful and I do get the urge to reread Nancy Drew or Boxcar Children from time to time.

  8. I love the picture of the books. Fiona loves Beverley Lewis books. They sell them all the time at Shady Maple. I hope you are all doing well!