Monday, August 27, 2012

Things Old & New

It's true, the canary has been gone way too long. My blog neglect started with having a few house guests awhile back, followed by a broken computer, a new computer, and then a lot of busyness and *cough*lazy-canary-ness*cough.* In any case, I am back now so let me tell you a story...

A little over a year ago, Kirsten and I, who knew each other through a mutual friend, decided it would be nice to go out for tea together and, to quote Casablanca, "it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Many tearooms, chocolate boutiques, Indian restaurants, holidays, takeout nights, rugby games, macaron missions, and curiosity shops later, we still often text message each other midweek commenting how it feels "like an age" since we last hung out and what should we do this weekend?

Kir and I even make lofty, longterm, plans like visiting all the exotic birds around New Zealand, searching for kakapos (a rare, native parrot) in Fiordland, and even a Nancy Drew-like reconnaissance mission on an interesting nature-loving community in our area. Any ND fans out there, think "The Secret of Red Gate Farm" 

Anyway... On one of our first few tearoom outings, Kirsten and I discovered our shared love of antiques and vintage things. Now, being small, New Zealand doesn't have scads of antique shops and when you do find a good one, it can often be very pricey. As I told Kirsten about all my favorite antique shops in Pennsylvania, I mused that it would be wonderful if one day, we could go antiquing together in America. We concluded that next time I visited home, that she could stowaway in my suitcase. 

Fortunately for both of us, wishes can come true and especially fortunate for Kir, she won't have to scrunch up in my luggage. Come the holidays, we will both be in Pennsylvania for the wedding of our friends Nick and Bekah. Some antiquing will certainly be on the todo list! 

Of course we needed to train in preparation for the big leagues; so, this past weekend we went trawling through two very curious antique shops. We bravely resisted temptation at the first shop, (except for Rhys who found a cool vintage camera) though I did make a mental list of a few items I'd like to revisit.  For the second stop, the boys and Tilly bowed out to go play video games at home while Kir and I meandered through a tiny yet packed to the rafters shop called Antique Alley. 

                                                                                                                                            (photo source)

As you can see, this shop is quite the treasure trove. Kirsten and I carefully inspected every nook. We each oooohhhed and ahhhhed over a number of items, namely teacups. I fell in love with one teacup in particular and also took a fancy to this old clock.

In the end, I reminded myself to save my pennies for America. So I just bought a few mismatched teaspoons since all mine have...errr...gone missing with a certain someone's packed lunches. Eventually the guys text Kir and I complaining that they were getting "hangry" so we said goodbye (more like see ya later) to Antique Alley and headed to the supermarket. Until next time...




  1. Hello, you elusive little bird - glad to see you back and writing again. (Love those teaspoons!)

  2. That clock! Good choice on the teaspoons. Don't put them in Rhys's lunch pack. ;) Can't wait to do some hunting on this side of the planet with you and Kirsten. xox

  3. Eeep! I've missed the Paper Canary's posts. Those teaspoons are really pretty, and the clock is awesome as well. Nice reference to ND, by the way. ^.^